The Different Styles of Wall Shelving

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There are a lot of different types and styles of wall shelving out there for you to choose from. Here we take a closer look at the most popular of these and how they can make a difference to your home.

Bracket and Shelf

This is the wall shelving system we all know and love and it’s easy to fix to the wall even if you only have basic DIY skills. It consists of a shelf and a metal or wooden bracket that is attached to the wall with screws.

You can find single shelf and bracket units or you can get bracket rails that hold a number shelves in different slots. You can also select the width of shelf you want and tailor everything to your needs.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are fixed in a similar way to bracket systems. The difference is that the bracket itself is hidden away once the shelf system is attached and this appeal to many people because it is a lot neater.

You get more funky designs with this style of shelf and you can create really interesting effects on your wall with box designs

Modular Shelves

These have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They are different size modules that you can fit together and add to your wall area in any way you see fit. It gives you the chance to fill almost any space with the design and size of self you want.

Corner Shelves

If you want to fill a small corner of your room, these shelves are perfect. They usually have enough space for a plant or your favourite ornament but are an attractive option that can bring a wall to life. 

Hanging Shelves

These are little more new age in that the shelf hangs from a suspended cord, rope or wire rather than being attached to the wall. They look great but the downside is that if you knock against them the shelving moves.

In-Built Shelves

For those with a decent alcove, built-in shelves are a great option. You have complete design freedom here and can choose any type of material. These are great, for example, if you want a large shelf to put your sound system or television and maybe two smaller shelves above for DVDs.

Materials for Shelves

Almost as important as the type of shelving unit is the material that it is made of. Again, there are quite a few choices here.

  • Wood: Probably the most popular choice, wood comes in many forms. There’s composite wood or MDF which is cheap and cheerful or solid choices such as oak or even mahogany.
  • Metal: If you have a modern looking home, opting for metal shelving will certainly look the part. It is easy to keep clean but can appear a little on the cold side.
  • Glass: This may be a less popular option but does look fantastic. It’s great if you want to create a display with your best ornaments but does need regular dusting.
  • Plastic: For those who want a design that is easy to maintain, plastic doesn’t have to look tacky. Some of the moulded designs around today look fantastic.

Which style of wall shelving you choose will depend on a lot of factors. You’ll probably go for a mix of function and attractiveness.

There’s so much scope nowadays, that you can find almost anything you want online. It’s a good idea to take your time and make sure you get the wall shelving that makes a difference to your home.

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