Shelving: Tidy Home Tidy Mind

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If you are searching for a way to organise your home and make everything look neat and tidy, you could do worse than take a closer looking at the wide variety of shelving solutions available.

Whether you have a small home space like a bedroom, a flat that only has a couple of rooms or a big house, there’s no doubt that some form of shelving is going to be necessary. It’s a great way to create focal points in your home and the perfect solution to keeping everything tidy.

Here are just some reasons to buy new shelving today and put it up in your home:

A Great Place for Your Plants

We all know that creating a healthy home environment is important. Using at least some of your shelving for a bunch of oxygenating plants such as aloe vera and the traditional rubber tree, not only looks calming and attractive but is good for the air as well.

Keep All Your Books In One Place

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, you need at least some good, strong shelving and maybe even a bookcase to keep your collection in order. Shelving is a great option for other things too like ornaments and all that paperwork you can’t find a place for.

Create a Point of Interest in Your Home

Another reason why you should introduce more shelving into a room is that it makes any space interesting. Flat walls can seem a little dull but a great shelf with a nice centrepiece will create a bold focal point that adds dynamism and intrigue to your décor.

Types of Shelving

There are quite a few different types of shelving available nowadays. For instance, there’s been a big increase in reclaimed wooden shelving that can add a certain rustic feel to your home. There are sets of smaller shelving units which you could place in different locations around a room to build points of interest as well as spaces for your favourite knick-knacks.

The most common type of shelving involves a length of wood or other material and a couple of brackets. Floating shelves are similar except that they have the screw system hidden in the body of the shelf itself and look fantastic. Built-in shelves, on the other hand, are ideal for areas like alcoves where they create an enclosed environment.

If you want to make more of your space in an area like the kitchen, corner shelves are an economical idea. As well as long ones, you can also get smaller, right angel corner shelves that are great for holding single ornaments or the odd plant. One neat option is a hanging shelf which attaches to a hook and hangs via cords.

If you are renting a property and putting up bracket shelves is not an option because of your tenancy agreement, you can also get freestanding units that could easily be placed in a corner of any room. 

There are so many different options that it can be challenging to find the right shelving for your home. Most people want a mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Pick a style or colour that fits your décor but also consider what you want to use your shelf for.

Do you just want to keep a room tidy or do you want to make some sort of statement?

One thing is for certain, shelving comes in all shapes and sizes and there’s a solution to suit almost any budget and design idea.

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