Display Units for Showing Off Your Finest Possessions

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If you’ve collected some great ornaments, trophies or memorabilia over the years, one thing you may want to find is a great display unit to show them all off.

These kinds of fixtures may have lessened a little in popularity in some modern homes in recent years but they are an attractive and secure way to display your most treasured possessions and are certainly on the way back.

Display units create a great focal point for any room in the home. While some people think what you put into the display cabinet is the most important to consider, we’d like to slightly disagree with that.

You need to choose a display unit that matches what you’re trying to show off.

Here we take a look at some tips for choosing the best display units for your home, whether you live in a small flat or a large house.

What Should you Look For in a Display Unit?

If you are displaying your most prized ornaments, collected memorabilia or a bunch of trophies you earned in sport or some other activity, obviously you want something that matches the way you feel about your collection.

The other issue to consider is how your display unit fits into your existing décor. If you have a modern home, then something minimalist and less ostentatious might be the order of the day. For those who are displaying much-loved antiques and have a traditional home, however, something a little more grandiose might be a better choice.

Many display units use natural hardwood and which can look great in any style of home and this often the preferred choice. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this, however, you may want to look at a modern design made from composite wood or even simply glass and metal.

You should also decide whether you need the display unit to be lockable because you want to keep the contents extra safe or you don’t mind if people can get easy access.

You may have just a few items that you want to put in a display unit. In this case, you might want to choose a multi-purpose unit that has other uses such as draws or shelving. These are a great option also if you have limited space in your home.

Where To Put Your Display Units

If you are investing in high-quality display units for your home, you want to make sure you and other people can see them. It’s important to find the right location, whether it’s an alcove in the living room or somewhere else in the house.

Measure the space that you are intending to use and decide whether you are going to opt for a wall-mounted display unit or a freestanding one. Of course, the number of treasures you have to put into your display unit may well dictate the size. If you are planning to collect other items or win more trophies, you’ll need to make a judgement call on how much storage space you will finally need.

Display units are being used in more places than just the living room nowadays. If you are working on a new kitchen design, for example, they are a great way to show off your pots and pans, glasses, plates and more unusual equipment as well as create a sense of openness and more space.

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