Wall Shelves Direct

Wall Shelves Direct – a domain owned by SK Home Furniture Ltd and managed on its behalf by Giant Ginger Cat Ltd – a digital marketing agency with a love for high quality domains and content management.

Previously this was a Shopify development site for us, now it is just a holding page temporarily whilst we consider our options for developing new sites and trialling alternative software.

As a technology centric business we like to trial software both front end and back end.

Our main experience is with Magento and can be seen on our ecommerce site Price Crash Furniture

If you are looking for good quality domains for blogging and SEO opportunities then reach out to the Giant Ginger Cat team they would love to help. Obviously they might not be as keen if you are a competitor of ours.

If you have previously purchased from us when we were actively selling then drop us a message through our retail site above and explain that you previously purchased from Wall Shelves Direct and we will of course do our best to help you. Just because this site is no longer active does not mean that we have walked away from our obligations as a responsible retailer.